Engine Bay

Bonnet Buffers Clubman pair: 0.015 kg

Bonnet Buffers Round Nose up to 1990 pair: 0.006 kg

Brake Light Pressure Switch and 2 Way Union Assembly: 0.132 kg

Brake Union 3 Way: 0.054 kg

Bulkhead Blanking Plate with one hole for heater pipe: 0.062 kg

Bulkhead Blanking Plate Nuts, Bolts, & Washers x 4 of each: 0.066 kg

Horn Mk3 Factory Fitted: 0.775 kg

Master Cylinder Mounting Plate: 0.110 kg

Master Cylinder Single (early): 0.610 kg

Voltage Regulator Control Box: 0.427 kg

Windscreen Washer Bottle Including Electric Pump: 0.275 kg

Windscreen Washer Pipe Assembly Including "T" Piece (bulkhead mounted): 0.026 kg

Wiper Hole Blanks Stainless (pair): 0.041 kg

Wiper Mechanism (Mk3): 0.579 kg

Wiper Motor 2 Speed (Mk3): 1.628 kg

Wiper Motor to Body Rubber Pad: 0.026 kg

Wiper Mounting Bracket Including Rubber: 0.098 kg

Washer Bottle (Early Mk3): ? kg

Washer Bottle (Late with electric pump): ? kg