Bump Stop early two stud including Nuts & Washers (per side): 0.089 kg

Front Suspension Bottom Arm (each): 0.840 kg

Front Suspension Bottom Arm Bushes (per side): 0.037 kg

Front Suspension Bottom Arm Pin including Nut & Washer (per side): 0.219 kg

Front Suspension Alloy Cone Strut Including Knuckle Joint (each): 0.295kg

Front Upper Arm Complete Assembly Knuckle Joint, Nuts, Bolts & Washers (each): 2.392 kg

Genuine Rubber Suspension Cone (each): 0.904 kg

Knuckle Joint (each): 0.136 kg

Radius Arm including Pin, Bush & Bearing (each): 5.089 kg

Radius Arm Fully Built Including Non Spacer Drum (each): 11.120 kg

Radius Arm Fully Built Including Spacer Drum (each): 12.500 kg

Rear Hub Nut (per side): 0.028 kg

Rear Subframe Poly Bushes x 4 (per side): 0.042 kg

Rear Suspension Alloy Cone Strut Including Knuckle Joint (each): 0.670 kg

Rebound Buffer (per side): 0.023 kg

Rear Hub Alloy (Mini Sport) each: 0.419 kg

Rear Hub Standard (not including bearings) each: 0.931 kg

Rear Hub Standard Including Bearings, Nut, Split Pin, & Cap: 1.445 kg

Rear Hub Standard (not including bearings) each: 0.931 kg

Shock Absorbers Front Gaz Adjustable (each): 1.416 kg

Shock Absorbers Front Standard (each): 0.818 kg

Shock Absorbers Rear Gaz Adjustable (each): 1.520 kg

Shock Absorbers Rear Standard each): 0.650 kg

Shock Absorber to Radius Arm Nut & Washers (per side): 0.017 kg

Shock Absorber Top Mount (per side): 0.409 kg

Rear Hub Alloy (not including bearings) each: 0.419 kg

Swivel Hub Standard each: 1.73 kg

Swivel Hub Alloy (Mini Sport) each: 0.71 kg

Tie Bar Rod Heavy Duty Adjustable (each): 0.845 kg

Tie Bar Rod Standard (each): 0.498 kg

Tie Bar Rod to Bottom Arm Nut & Bolt (per side): 0.024 kg

Tie Bar Rod Front Nut & Washer (per side): 0.045 kg