Clutch Case Cover with Verto Lever: 2.100 kg

Clutch Case Cover with Pre Verto Lever: 2.233 kg

Clutch Cover Diaphragm Pre Verto: 0.818 kg

Clutch Cover Diaphragm Verto: 4.8 kg

Clutch Copper Pipe: ? kg

Clutch Cover Plate Pre Verto: ? kg

Clutch Friction Plate Pre Verto: 0.579 kg

Clutch Friction Plate Verto: 0.825 kg

Clutch Hose: ? kg

Clutch Lever: ? kg

Clutch Lever Return Spring: 0.010 kg

Clutch Master Cylinder: 0.680 kg

Clutch Master Cylinder Clevis Pin & Split Pin: 0.008 kg

Clutch Pressure Back Plate Standard Lightened (Pre Verto): 1.978 kg

Clutch Pressure Back Plate Standard (Pre Verto): 2.600 kg

Clutch Pressure Plate Assembly (Verto): 4.2 kg

Clutch Release Bearing: 0.085 kg

Clutch Release Bearing Clip: 0.002 kg

Clutch Slave Cylinder (Pre-Verto): 0.540 kg

Clutch Slave Return Spring: ? kg

Clutch Shouldered Bolts Competition Long x 3: 0.064 kg

Clutch Shouldered Bolts Competition Short x 3 0.053 kg

Clutch Spring Anchor Tab: 0.005 kg

CV Joint Outer (each): 1.700 kg

Drive Flange Standard each: 1.47 kg

Drive Flange Alloy (Mini Sport) each: 0.57 kg

Drive Shaft Nearside Short: 1.286 kg

Drive Shaft Offside Long: 1.575 kg

Flywheel (BMC 1275 Cooper S): 7.360 kg

Flywheel complete with Clutch (BMC 1275 Cooper S): 11.890 kg

Flywheel Housing (A+): 3.231 kg

Flywheel Housing Gasket: 0.022 kg

Flywheel Housing Key Washer to Crank: ? kg

Flywheel Housing Lock Tab (2 hole): 0.005 kg

Flywheel Housing Lock Tab (3 hole long): 0.008 kg

Flywheel Housing Lock Tab (3 hole short): 0.007 kg

Flywheel Housing Oil Seal: 0.028 kg

Flywheel Housing Studs, Nuts & Washers: ? kg

Flywheel Retaining Bolt Pre Verto: 0.105 kg

Flywheel Standard Pre Verto: 7.580 kg

Flywheel Verto: 5.6 kg

Gearbox (Including all gears & differential): 26 kg approx.

Gearbox to Engine Gaskets: 0.004 kg

Gear Linkage Cotton Reel Bush: ? kg

Gear Lever Rod Change without Gearknob: 0.651 kg

Gear Lever Kad Quickshift without Gearknob: 0.732 kg

Gear Lever Rubber Gaiter (remote change): 0.173 kg

Hub Front (with bearings fitted): 1.337 kg

Hub to Brake Disc Bolts x 4 (per side): 0.064 kg

Hub Nut: ? kg

Hub Tapered Washer: ? kg

Hub Nut Split Pin: ? kg

Hub Wheel Stud Standard (each): 0.019 kg

Pot Joint (each): 1.597 kg

Primary Gear (998 A+): 0.616 kg

Remote Gear Change Rear Support Bracket (Including Nuts, Bolts & Washers): 0.306 kg

Rod Gear Change Bobbin/Bush (each): 0.067 kg

Rod Gear Change Bobbin/Bush Nuts x 2: 0.010 kg

Rod Gear Change Bobbin/Bush Spring Washers x 2: 0.004 kg

Rod Gear Change Linkage (Including Support Bracket): 2.095 kg

Rod Gear Change Linkage Roll Pin: 0.003 kg

Sump Plug Nut: ? kg

Sump Plug Nut (Long Reach): ? kg

Sump Plug Washer: 0.004 kg