Accelerator Pedal (without rubber): 0.272 kg

Centre Speedo Cowl Surround (3 gauge type stripped): 0.266 kg

Companion Bin Chrome Trim (each): 0.032 kg

"C" Pillar Cards pair: 0.209 kg

Dash Ashtray Mk3: 0.063 kg

Dash Bottom Rail Cover Mk3: 0.413 kg

Dash Card: 0.540 kg

Dash Centre Binnacle (Including Speedo, Water & Oil Gauges): 1.262 kg

Door Card Mk3 on (each): 1.128 kg

1/4 Panel Card (each): 0.784 kg

Door Card Sprite (each): 1.165 kg

Door Card Polythene Protection (per door): 0.049 kg

Door Chrome/Rubber Window Strip (Interior): 0.120 kg

Door Chrome/Rubber Window Strip Clips x 5 (Interior): 0.004 kg

Door Chrome/Rubber Window Strip (exterior): 0.126 kg

Door Chrome/Rubber Window Strip Clips x 5 (exterior): 0.004 kg

Door Handle Plastic Late (Interior): 0.044 kg

Door Interior Handle Fixing Screws x 2 Plastic Late (each): 0.005 kg

Door Interior Handle & Fixings early Mk3 each: 0.042 kg

Door Opening Lever & Fixings Mk3 each: 0.038 kg

Door Locking Lever Mechanism: 0.065 kg

Door Locking Lever Mechanism Fixing Screws & Washers x 2: 0.003 kg

Door Locking Lever Mechanism Plastic Trim: 0.012 kg

Door Pocket (plastic): 0.164 kg

Door Pocket Fixing Screws x 5: 0.012 kg

Door Release Lever (plastic): 0.034 kg

Door Release Lever Fixing Screw & Washers: 0.003 kg

Door Release Mechanism: 0.203 kg

Door Release Mechanism Fixing Screws & Washers x 3: 0.007 kg

Door Side Impact Bar & Fixing Screws: 0.918 kg

Door Sound Deadening: 0.400 kg*

Door Window Channel Rubber (per door): 0.384 kg

Door Window Glass 3.843 kg

Door Window Winder Bottom Channel (front section): 0.255 kg

Door Window Winder Bottom Channel (rear section): 0.255 kg

Door Window Winder Handle: 0.035 kg

Door Window Winder Fixing Screws x 4: 0.016 kg

Door Window Winder Sealant/Putty: 0.092 kg

Door Window Winder Mechanism: 1.735 kg

Firewall Rear Hole Cover Mk3 (Card oval): 0.163 kg

Front Seat (BMC Cooper S) (each): 7.270 kg*

Front Seat (1275 GT) (each): 7.260 kg*

Interior Mirror including fixing Screws (late black plastic type): 0.143 kg

Interior Mirror Eaarly Mk3 & Fixings: 0.113 kg

Parcel Shelf Card: 0.721 kg

Pedal Box (Bare): 0.841 kg

Pedal Box (Complete): 2.100 kg

Rear Companion Bin Trim (each): 0.100 kg* approx

Rear Wheel Arch Interior Trim pair: 0.056 kg

Rear Seat Cushion (Mk3 Cloth with Vinyl edges): 2.225 kg

Rear Seat Squab (Mk3 Cloth with Vinyl edges): 2.298 kg

Roll Cage Safety Devices Six Point Bolt In (Including Fixings):

Roll Cage Rear Section with Diagonal: 15.0 kg

Roll Cage Front Section: 10.0 kg

Roll Cage Dash Bar: 3.0 kg

Roll Cage Door Bar (Each): 2.5 kg

Roof Lining Bars Saloon early Mk3 (Set of all six): 0.636 kg

Seat Catch Floor Brackets (each): 0.272 kg

Seat Cobra Classic (not including subframe): 6.1 kg

Seat Cross Member Front Mount (bolt-on) Each: 0.144 kg

Seat Mamba Classic (not including subframe): 6.7 kg

Sound Deadening (floor & rear quarter panels): 9.0 kg approx*

Window Winder Guide (each): 0.216 kg

Window Winder Guide Glass Rubber Insulator (each): 0.039 kg

Window Winder Mechanism each: 1.719 kg